clinical testing

We don’t just believe our products are great.
We KNOW because we have proof.
We put Heal up to the test!

See the Results

We tested Heal against the #1 dermatologist recommended brand for symptoms associated with eczema, dry and itchy skin .
We clinically tested for texture, roughness, and plumpness and hydration.
We were not surprised by the results:

Heal Rescue Lotion showed significant improvement in all clinical tests with 90% of subjects showing improved skin at Week 2 and 97-100% of subjects showing improved skin at Week 4.*

90% better at Week 2 than the #1 recommended brand

When testing for skin plumpness, Heal Rescue Lotion tested better than the #1 dermatologist recommended brand at 2 weeks with 90% of subjects showing improvement.*

After 2 Weeks of twice a day application

Heal Rescue Lotion demonstrated significant improvement in skin hydration as early as 2 weeks after twice a day application in women with a history of atopy (eczema) and/or sensitive skin.*

*Results from a 4-week clinical study (August to October 2018) of 30 women with a history of atopy (eczema) and/or sensitive skin. Clinical tests were conducted under the supervision of a dermatologist. No petrolatum, parabens or cortisone was used in the testing of out product

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